“How to stop snoring” is a common question. If your snoring is infrequent, don’t worry. Occasional snoring happens to most everyone. However, if you commonly suffer from loud and disruptive snoring, it’s time to talk to your doctor. Loud and disruptive snoring often signals a sleep disorder known as Obstructive Sleep Apnea.

Obstructive Sleep Apnea and Snoring

Contact your doctor if you or your sleep partner notice some of the following symptoms:

These symptoms frequently signal a sleep disorder known as Obstructive Sleep Apnea. Your doctor will most likely ask you to complete a sleep study to confirm your symptoms and get a diagnosis. Once complete, your doctor can then help you tackle your “How to stop snoring” question.

Finding the Right Treatment Can Be Challenging

If your doctor determines you are suffering from Obstructive Sleep Apnea, chances are CPAP therapy will be the first treatment recommended. However, many patients struggle to get the relief they need with traditional CPAP. Whether it be the cords, the mask, or the noise, CPAP isn’t the right fit for everyone.
If you find yourself in this situation, contact Dr. Joseph Dagati at Sleep Medicine Therapies in Youngstown, Ohio. Dr. Dagati has limited his practice to treating patients with Obstructive Sleep Apnea without the use of CPAP.

How to Stop Snoring with Sleep Medicine Therapies

Dr. Dagati  at Sleep Medicine Therapies treats Obstructive Sleep Apnea patients with Oral Appliance Therapy. Oral Appliance Therapy works by gently controlling your tongue and soft palate while you sleep, keeping your airway open. The appliance resembles an orthodontic retainer and fits comfortably in your mouth.
Patients that use Oral Appliance Therapy enjoy a few advantages over traditional CPAP patients. First, there is no noise, helping them and their sleep partner get a better night’s sleep. Second, no mask and no cords mean patients can sleep comfortably without the worry of their mask slipping off. Finally, sleep appliances are small and easy to travel with. Patients can easily carry them in their purse or carry-on bag.
Many patients that are still trying to answer the “How to stop snoring” question find the help they need with Oral Appliance Therapy. They often report the appliance to be so comfortable, they will no longer sleep without it. Contact Dr. Dagati and find out if you are a candidate for Oral Appliance Therapy.

At Sleep Medicine Therapies, our goal is to finally help you answer your “How to stop snoring” question.  We are available for Telemedicine or in-office appointments. 
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